Creators: Matt Warshaw, for the record

With Encyclopedia of Surfing, History of Surfing and Above the Roar, Matt Warshaw has created the world’s most comprehensive look at surfing’s past According to esteemed historian, author and former SURFER editor Matt Warshaw, it’s an uphill battle getting surfers to click on links with terms like “history” and “encyclopedia” in the headline. “People hear […]


Ben Skinner Is Going to Blow Your Mind on a 9’1 | The Inertia

Ben Skinner is wonderful to watch–aggressive and stylish at the same time. You may not have heard of Ben Skinner, which is a crying shame. He’s wonderful to watch–aggressive and stylish at the same time, seamlessly transitioning from rail to rail, nose-riding in situations where nose-rides should be impossible, and surfing a longboard like it’s a […]


Is Your “Over-Training” Actually Under Recovering? Here are 3 Ways to Aid Recovery | The Inertia

If you read enough fitness magazines, listen to enough wellness podcasts and read enough health blogs, you’re likely to encounter the concept of over-training. The basic idea is that you’re doing too much, too quickly, so that you end up giving your body a greater stimulus than it can adapt to or recover from. If this […]


Surf Relik – Pranchões duelam nos EUA / Waves

O Surf Relik, competição que reúne alguns dos melhores longboarders da atualidade, acontece neste domingo e segunda-feira (8 e 9) no tradicional pico First Point, em Malibu, Califórnia (EUA). Idealizado por um investidor norte-americano, o evento distribui US$ 75 mil de premiação e tem como objetivo reunir os estilos moderno e tradicional em um mesmo […]


Fickle & Freezing: Welcome To Holland – Wavelength – Europe’s First Surf Magazine

Europe’s little known and severly fickle coastlines with a quick jaunt to Holland via the excellent photography of Michal Pelka. “These shots are all from the North Sea in Holland! Pretty diverse conditions, but I must say that 98% of the time it’s blown out onshore wind waves” he began. However, as his images illustrate, there […]