Jamie O’Brien: “I almost died at one-foot Waikiki!’ | Beach Grit

  JAMIE O’BRIEN: “I ALMOST DIED AT ONE-FOOT WAIKIKI!’ By Derek Rielly 8 hours ago “Death is always just a stone’s throw away,” says Jamie. Who knows when the reaper will strike? He lurks, as you must be aware by now, around every corner. A moment’s distraction crossing the road meets a driver answering an email. A […]

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Sharkbanz Releases New Testing Data and Video Footage – SURFER Magazine

Sharkbanz (Mano LLC), the affordable, wearable shark deterrent has released new testing data and video footage demonstrating the effectiveness of the band in deterring Bull Sharks — the greatest shark threat to beachgoers globally. The Sharkbanz team performed this video documented test in the Bahamas using a baited dummy amongst 5-15 Bull Sharks to create […]