O doutor mandou surfar – Waves

Bruno Lemos / Sony Brasil O surfe como terapia já usado em vários países. Entre os dias 24 a 27 de setembro, aconteceu a 6ª edição da Conferência Mundial de Medicina de Surfe (The World Conference on Surfing Medicine) em Newquay, Inglaterra. Promovido pela Surfing Medicine Internacional, o encontro abordou muitos assuntos interessantes como o surfe […]


ZipStitch Is a New Way to Close Wounds When You’re Out There and Can’t Get to Help

We’ve all been there: a wayward fin opens up skin above the eyebrow on a remote beach. Or a snowboard edge slices your face in the backcountry. You’re laying there in the woods, bleeding all over yourself knowing full well you’re not going to make it to a doctor for hours, maybe even days. And unless […]


O mar é meu remédio

  POR ADRIAN KOJIN 28.05.2018 TRIP #274 Eduardo Hiroshi, 31 anos, se posiciona sempre próximo da arrebentação, onde as ondas quebram com mais violência. Ele quer registrar toda a ação dos surfistas o mais próximo possível de onde ela acontece. Em Maresias, quando o bicho pega e a série aponta no horizonte, quem está na água rema com […]


Believe It or Not, This Stretch Will Drastically Improve Your Pop Up

  Whenever I am teaching beginners proper pop-up technique on dry land, I always emphasize the importance of the deep squat. Testing a person’s ability to hold or do a deep squat tells me a lot about their current condition. If they unable to execute it perfectly the next step is always stretching with the Downward Frog posture. […]


I Watched a Man Drown; The Only Thing I Could Do After Was Go Home and Make Dinner

  Sunsets are an event on Costa Rica’s Pacific side. People gather, play guitars, bring drinks — it’s the social event of the day. Such was supposed to be the case on a recent Sunday evening, when my wife, our two young boys, and our dog, laid down our blanket. We had beach toys for the […]