O mar é meu remédio

  POR ADRIAN KOJIN 28.05.2018 TRIP #274 Eduardo Hiroshi, 31 anos, se posiciona sempre próximo da arrebentação, onde as ondas quebram com mais violência. Ele quer registrar toda a ação dos surfistas o mais próximo possível de onde ela acontece. Em Maresias, quando o bicho pega e a série aponta no horizonte, quem está na água rema com […]


Believe It or Not, This Stretch Will Drastically Improve Your Pop Up

  Whenever I am teaching beginners proper pop-up technique on dry land, I always emphasize the importance of the deep squat. Testing a person’s ability to hold or do a deep squat tells me a lot about their current condition. If they unable to execute it perfectly the next step is always stretching with the Downward Frog posture. […]


I Watched a Man Drown; The Only Thing I Could Do After Was Go Home and Make Dinner

  Sunsets are an event on Costa Rica’s Pacific side. People gather, play guitars, bring drinks — it’s the social event of the day. Such was supposed to be the case on a recent Sunday evening, when my wife, our two young boys, and our dog, laid down our blanket. We had beach toys for the […]


Why Surfers Need to Let Themselves Fall in Love With Yoga

  Yes, we all have heard a million times how great yoga is for you. Those who practice it regularly swear by it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take on the mindfulness or spiritual sides of a yoga practice to feel its benefits though. You can be anyone doing anything yet you can still practice […]