Why Surfers Need to Let Themselves Fall in Love With Yoga

  Yes, we all have heard a million times how great yoga is for you. Those who practice it regularly swear by it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take on the mindfulness or spiritual sides of a yoga practice to feel its benefits though. You can be anyone doing anything yet you can still practice […]


Is Your “Over-Training” Actually Under Recovering? Here are 3 Ways to Aid Recovery | The Inertia

If you read enough fitness magazines, listen to enough wellness podcasts and read enough health blogs, you’re likely to encounter the concept of over-training. The basic idea is that you’re doing too much, too quickly, so that you end up giving your body a greater stimulus than it can adapt to or recover from. If this […]

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Quebrando os padrões – Waves

Com 135 quilos, João Pedro Martins quebra a vala e prova que o surf é para qualquer pessoa. Longboarder de Itajaí (SC), João Pedro Martins lança mais um vídeo do projeto “Você também pode”, que aborda a questão motivacional e incentiva as pessoas a surfar. Quebrando todos os padrões, surfando de Longboard 9’0” e radicalizando […]