Fickle & Freezing: Welcome To Holland – Wavelength – Europe’s First Surf Magazine

Europe’s little known and severly fickle coastlines with a quick jaunt to Holland via the excellent photography of Michal Pelka. “These shots are all from the North Sea in Holland! Pretty diverse conditions, but I must say that 98% of the time it’s blown out onshore wind waves” he began. However, as his images illustrate, there […]


BBQ ONLY GIRLS – Barca da Bruna Queiroz

QUEM SOMOS ? BBQ ONLY GIRLS Pioneira em surftrips femininas Mergulhe numa viagem de surfe só com mulheres que têm um objetivo em comum: surfar e se divertir. Pé na areia, cabelos salgados, pôr-do-Sol dourado e ondas perfeitas fazem parte deste pacote. Adicione ainda a oportunidade de conhecer outras culturas e paisagens de encher Fonte: BBQ ONLY […]


Your Guide To Five Countries You Never Knew Had Waves – Wavelength – Europe’s First Surf Magazine

Over the course of 60 years of intrepid global exploration, surfers, photographers and film makers have left very few stones unturned when it comes to finding quality waves. While some say there are very few actual secrets left amongst the 147 nations with a coastline, there are indisputably many which still linger outside the peripheral vision of […]


Wanted: Couple Needed To Run Private French Surf Island – Wavelength – Europe’s First Surf Magazine

Off the coast of Brittany sits a small island called Quéménès. It is barely inhabited, playing host to only a small farm which houses just one family. Thanks to its position, the island is frequently battered by Atlantic swells, but due to violent currents around its coastline, the surf is almost inaccessible. Surfing the solitary Quéménès. […]


Watch: Alex Knost, Jack Lynch, and Alrik Yuill in a classic Baja shuffle

An escape into SoCal’s favorite fever dream Time has clicked to a slow roll on the Southern California coastline after a lamentably flat summer. Rarely is the song of Central Baja so enticing — the call for empty pointbreaks, a schedule as wide-open as the dirt roads cooked dry by the sun. Earlier in the […]


Sweden Was Actually My Most Exotic Surf Trip | The Inertia

“We sure as hell didn’t come here for the weather.” Sweden: home of IKEA, meatballs, incredibly beautiful women and more Volvos than you can poke a stick at. But as I was about to find out one freezing cold, dark, stormy, Swedish winter morning, there’s a wave or two there as well. Swedish winters are straight […]


Surf Explorers Are Pioneering Alaska’s Wild Coast by Boat, Plane, and Helicopter | The Inertia

When Scott Reierson of Alaska Surf Guides unexpectedly emailed us about the wild beauty of the Last Frontier’s surf scene, we were intrigued. “In Alaska, we have no roads to our ‘local spots,’” said Scott in an email. “It’s either boat, plane, or helicopter to access the goods.” We asked for some photographic evidence, and […]


Arquipélago perdido  Kamaka: 23° Sul 134° Oeste

Por Kim Feldmann em 23/09/17 Aventureiro desbrava onda desconhecida do arquipélago de Gambier.   Kamaka, uma onda nos confins da Polinésia. Foto: Kim Feldmann.   A 1.500 quilômetros a Sudeste do Taiti, e 6.000 quilômetros a sudoeste das Américas, o arquipélago de Gambier com certeza poderia ser citado no dicionário como uma definição de “isolado”. Essas ilhas […]