This Volunteer Opportunity Turned Into an Eye-Opening Surf Trip to Peru

  I recently had the opportunity to travel to a fishing town in northern Peru,volunteering with an organization supporting the local youth. Sure enough, it turns out this town was home to a very inviting left point break, breaking perfectly down the beach before reaching the pier. The laid-back energy of the town helped me […]


A Comprehensive Guide to a Siargao Family Surf Trip

Siargao Island is a small, tear-shaped island roughly 500 miles southeast of Manila. It’s an island in the middle of the Philippine Sea that is quickly becoming a magnet for tourists and surfers alike. Getting to Siargao Island: There are two major international airports in the Philippines accessible from the U.S.: Manila and Cebu. We were […]

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An Arctic Strike Mission – SURFER Magazine

AN ARCTIC STRIKE MISSION IN THE NEW AWARD WINNING SHORT “ARCTIC JANUARY,” LOFOTEN, NORWAY FIRES BUT THERE’S BARELY THREE HOURS OF DAYLIGHT TO SCORE IT MAY 06, 2018 BY SURFER   The Arctic is typically not the ideal destination for a strike mission, especially in January when there’s barely three hours of daylight, extreme tides and heavy storms.  […]


Professional Tourists –

  “Travelers” are often pretentious. They like to make a clear and rigid distinction between themselves and “tourists.” Travelers like to think that by staying longer in a place, they are somehow more entitled than the average visitor. But they’re fooling themselves. Travellers are just tourists with dirtier luggage. And Nathan Fletcher, who’s never been […]


The Best Surf Trips To Take in May: Portugal

  Lisbon, Portugal is a unique surf destination. Aside from the world-class setups that are littered around the coast, it’s also a melting point of cultural history, cuisine, and art. You can start the day with traditional custard tarts and coffee before jumping in the sea, head to the cities art galleries at lunch and then surf […]


Chest-High Chicama Is the Most Anti-Depressive Thing I’ve Ever Experienced

  Anticipation for a surf trip builds like beer in a shaken tallboy and explodes. No matter how zonked you are from flights and shuttles, you’ll shake it all off, drop your luggage, and get right out for a surf. Christmas Eve and waiting for prezzies doesn’t get me too jazzed anymore unless I’m buzzing on […]


Surfer Liz Clark, on how to live on a sailboat for 12 years

Inside Liz Clark’s new book, “Swell,” which documents her decade-long surf trip on a sailboat Southern California native Liz Clark lived on a sailboat for over a decade. She set off from the Santa Barbara harbor in 2005, and for the next 12 years traversed oceans on “Swell,” her 40-foot sailboat, looking for remote waves […]