Missão Nicarágua – Waves

  Fabiano SperottoProjeto Rekombinando desembarca nas esquerdas da Nicarágua. Dia de Aduana é sempre uma missão. Tentamos sair cedo, mas fazer o ”packing” arrumação da Kombi nos leva algum tempo. O calor agora também é um super desafio, parece que quanto mais subimos mais calor faz. Chegamos em Popoyo já era noite, e no outro […]


Torres a Pichilemu em um Fusca – Por Gabriel Peixe

Dois surfistas locais de Torres RS Gabriel Kunzler Cardoso e seu primo Tales(@texeiratales @pexisurf83 )decidiram embarcar em uma aventura inédita e desafiadora ,saindo do litoral gaúcho com destino ao Chile em um fusca . A família Ondas do Sul fez uma entrevista exclusiva com o Gabriel para sabermos um pouco mais sobre esta aventura ,segue […]


25 Amazing Images of Morocco During Its Peak Season

  My mission as a photographer is to capture special moments in special locations. Recently, I spent five months in Morocco between December of 2017 and May of 2018 — the peak of its best season for waves. During this time, I had the opportunity to shoot some world-class waves in the best conditions. I made […]


Your Guide to a Nosara, Costa Rica Couple’s Trip for the Average Surfer

  Simon Short There are a plethora of explorers roaming the globe these days. I meet all types of them while on surf trips myself. There are soul searchers, retired couples, holidaymakers, and of course, surfers. We can fit all these different types of travelers and explorers into two groups: those who can afford it and […]


The Best Surf Trips to Take in June: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

  Costa Rica has long had its claim as one of the world’s premier surf destinations. It has an abundance of picture-perfect waves that will challenge even the most seasoned surfer and is a country that ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect surf holiday. The remote tropical paradise of Santa Teresa, found at […]


With a Little Work, It’s Still Possible to Find Untouched Portuguese Perfection

Take it from Italian longboarder Alessandro Ponzanelli. Portugal has long been called the European equivalent to California. With a temperate climate and consistent waves virtually year-round, the comparison makes perfect sense. But lately, Portugal’s also suffered from the same issue that plagues Southern California: crowds. In his hunt for surf, Italian longboarder Alessandro Ponzanelli remained steadfast […]