A Journey Into Alternative Surfing: The Felipe Siebert Interview

  Today, the word “alternative” (as an adjective) has been so overused that we often forget what it actually means and when it deserves to be used – everything has an alternative appeal. According to the Oxford Dictionary, though, its definition falls into two main specs: ALTERNATIVE al·ter·na·tive adjective (of one or more things) available […]

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An Interview with Longboard Surfing Champion Joel Tudor | SURFER Magazine

Joel Tudor’s traveling log-centric exhibition, The Duct Tape Invitational has now been stoking the fire for a decade, influencing an entire generation of idiosyncratic longboard stylists around the globe. Through the DTI, Tudor and a collective of traditional longboarding acolytes like Alex Knost, Ryan Burch, Tyler Warren, and Justin Quintal have reintroduced and augmented the […]