The Next Generation of Californian Longboarders Are an Inspiration

Today’s youth are surfing with a whole new attitude of style, grace, and appreciation for the growing sport. I had the pleasure of shooting with Will Allen and Taylor Donaldson of Southern California, who happen to be team riders for the same wetsuit brand. Not only were these two stoked on getting photos but they also wanted me […]


I Met Two Strangers in Nicaragua and It Made Me Want to Never Come Home

“Sometimes you just have to pick up and go. That’s what this film is about; going somewhere you’ve never gone before. Or maybe it’s just going back to your roots.” Sometimes you just have to pick up and go. That’s what this film is about; going somewhere you’ve never gone before. Or maybe just going back to […]


This Miniature Island Sandbar in the Mentawais Might Actually Be Heaven

Just a little ripple of a wave that’s fun for longboarding and a quick reminder of what paradise is really like. This is Brooklyn Hawaii, Cassandra Rull, and Anna Ehrgott surfing a tiny little sandbar in the middle of the Mentawai’s. No heaving barrels, no adrenaline rushes, and no crowds. Just a little ripple of a […]


MEXILOGFEST empieza la cuenta atrás para la gran fiesta del surfing en la Saladita. video

  En apenas 59 dias tendremos el MEXILOGFEST organizado por nuestro amigo Israel Preciado, una fiesta del surfingque reunirá a muchos de los mejores longboarders mundiales, en la maravillosa ola de La Saladita. Este certamen se ha consolidado gracias a la constancia de Israel y su equipo, los apoyos no son muchos, los suplen con imaginación y mucha ilusión. La […]