Conexão Garopaba – Chile – Waves

  Mendoza. Argentina. Foto: Ailton Souza Cordilheira dos Andes. Chile. Foto: Ailton Souza João Paiva. Chile. Foto: Ailton Souza João Paiva, Daniel Knijnik e Ailton Souza. Chile. Foto: Arquivo pessoal Cordilheira dos Andes. Chile. Foto: Ailton Souza Cordilheira dos Andes. Chile. Foto: Ailton Souza João Paiva e Daniel Knijnik. Punta de Lobos, Chile. Foto: Ailton […]


Lestada no Silveira – Waves

  Por David Nagamini   Cauã Carriel. Praia do Silveira, Garobaba (SC). Foto: Ailton Souza Cauã Carriel. Praia do Silveira, Garobaba (SC). Foto: Ailton Souza Daniel Barbosa. Praia do Silveira, Garobaba (SC). Foto: Ailton Souza Luiz da Silva. Praia do Silveira, Garobaba (SC). Foto: Ailton Souza João Paiva. Praia do Silveira, Garobaba (SC). Foto: Ailton […]


Surf na laje

O fotógrafo Luiz Blanco convoca uma turma que conta com Scooby e Trekinho para perseguir uma mesma ondulação por várias lajes cariocas POR PEDRO CARVALHO 06.06.2018 Bairro das Laranjeiras (Rio de Janeiro), 16 de maio, quarta-feira, 6h35 Luiz Blanco, fotógrafo carioca especializado em surf, tinha acordado cedo para conferir os sites de previsão de ondas. Ao perceber […]


GALLERY: An Ode To A Beautiful Summer Of Waves In Nova Scotia – Wavelength – Europe’s Longest Running Surf Magazine

  TOM TERRELL 24TH AUGUST 2018 We had a good couple weeks of surf this July. If you had the right boards, you could have fun everyday. Warm water, warm air, and the rare sensation of feet on wax and h20 through fingers. (Aside from the hurricane). No one saw it coming. The bouy readings […]


20 Barrels and Hidden Slabs Up and Down the Coast of Brazil

  This is a collection of photos I’ve taken in 2018 around Rio de Janeiro. We received some good-sized swell this season with a few days where the right conditions came together for some of Brazil’s slabs and heavy beach breaks. And that’s the whole pursuit, right? Finding the best and heaviest barrels. Brazil may not […]


Just a Woman and Her Log

There’s something about a morning session with warm lighting and weather in Southern California. I was lucky enough to link up with my good friend and emerging water photographer Connor Eck. I got to dig into my summer wardrobe and wear my not-quite-as-thick-as-neoprene onesie to keep me protected from all the elements. This session, in particular, was nothing […]


25 Amazing Images of Morocco During Its Peak Season

  My mission as a photographer is to capture special moments in special locations. Recently, I spent five months in Morocco between December of 2017 and May of 2018 — the peak of its best season for waves. During this time, I had the opportunity to shoot some world-class waves in the best conditions. I made […]


15 Images From a Not-So-Typical Visit to Peru

This was definitely not your average trip to Peru. It’s a place that’s not just about historical ruins. It’s about getting to experience the people, their waves, and their delicious food. The waves were pumping for the first half of April and the Peruvian locals know how to surf their own spots and track down waves better than anybody. Pro Tomas Tudela and his friends made plenty of cameos, having […]