Just a Woman and Her Log

There’s something about a morning session with warm lighting and weather in Southern California. I was lucky enough to link up with my good friend and emerging water photographer Connor Eck. I got to dig into my summer wardrobe and wear my not-quite-as-thick-as-neoprene onesie to keep me protected from all the elements. This session, in particular, was nothing […]


25 Amazing Images of Morocco During Its Peak Season

  My mission as a photographer is to capture special moments in special locations. Recently, I spent five months in Morocco between December of 2017 and May of 2018 — the peak of its best season for waves. During this time, I had the opportunity to shoot some world-class waves in the best conditions. I made […]


15 Images From a Not-So-Typical Visit to Peru

This was definitely not your average trip to Peru. It’s a place that’s not just about historical ruins. It’s about getting to experience the people, their waves, and their delicious food. The waves were pumping for the first half of April and the Peruvian locals know how to surf their own spots and track down waves better than anybody. Pro Tomas Tudela and his friends made plenty of cameos, having […]


The Next Generation of Californian Longboarders Are an Inspiration

Today’s youth are surfing with a whole new attitude of style, grace, and appreciation for the growing sport. I had the pleasure of shooting with Will Allen and Taylor Donaldson of Southern California, who happen to be team riders for the same wetsuit brand. Not only were these two stoked on getting photos but they also wanted me […]


A Hawaiian Drone Photography Gallery – SURFER Magazine

Ryan Craig’s best from drone photography from Oahu Winter 2018. All shot from with his DJI set up and shot around the North Shore.  Consider it habitual. For the world’s best surf photographers, shooting these atmospheric angles is just another checkmark in their daily “must shoot” list. Photographers such as Surfer Senior Photographer Ryan Craig […]


My Camera Helped Me Fall In Love With Puerto Rico and the Outer Banks

Being from the North East, I grew up in a fast-paced environment. Moving to North Carolina as a young adult was a welcome change. It’s the simple life that seems to suit my personality and that’s exactly what you get on the Outer Banks. Meanwhile, the northwest corner of Puerto Rico has that same country-meets-beach […]


This Stunning Photo Book Profiles Cuba’s Oft Misunderstood Surf Scene

Give your coffee table the gift of stoke this Christmas. Back in June, the folks at Makewild Films alerted us to an interesting reality in the Caribbean island country of Cuba. Surfing is technically not legal there. I hesitate to say illegal, because the minuscule population of Cuban surfers has somehow made a space for itself. But over […]


5 Waves from Around the World Nobody Should Die Without Seeing | The Inertia

“I like to travel and find waves that I have never been to, but the thing I particularly like is searching for new waves never surfed before.” Water photographer Federico Vanno (@liquidbarrel) took over our Instagram recently, featuring his favorite lineups from around the globe. “My passion for photography started in 2007, but my passion for […]


Diving Into the Mind of a Lifelong Globetrotting Photographer | The Inertia

In my travels, the more simple life is, the happier people seem to be. Aimee Isakson is a Canadian flight attendant based in Vancouver who loves to travel, surf, and photograph it all along the way. Her passion for seeking out and exploring surf communities around the world marks her as a true artist, and this […]