Has there Ever Been a Stronger Case for a Brazilian Tour Event than Today? | SURFER Magazine

  Brazil has never looked so good. And I’m not just saying that facetiously, in light of my wavepool tirade after the Founders’ Cup. No, the waves have actually looked pretty good – not perfect, mind you – but rippable and tubing and with a tremendous backwash running through it that’s totally unpredictable as well. Just like surfing […]


This Volunteer Opportunity Turned Into an Eye-Opening Surf Trip to Peru

  I recently had the opportunity to travel to a fishing town in northern Peru,volunteering with an organization supporting the local youth. Sure enough, it turns out this town was home to a very inviting left point break, breaking perfectly down the beach before reaching the pier. The laid-back energy of the town helped me […]


How Surfboard Volume is Changing the Industry

There’s been a big push by shapers and surfers to incorporate volume metrics and surfboard volume calculators to really dial in their surfboards. Since CAD (computer assisted design) files and programs have made their way into shaping bays, volume has become a more measurable and integral part of the design process. Volume is now seen as a primary contribution in establishing the […]


A Comprehensive Guide to a Siargao Family Surf Trip

Siargao Island is a small, tear-shaped island roughly 500 miles southeast of Manila. It’s an island in the middle of the Philippine Sea that is quickly becoming a magnet for tourists and surfers alike. Getting to Siargao Island: There are two major international airports in the Philippines accessible from the U.S.: Manila and Cebu. We were […]