Surfing In Malta; A Tiny Island In The Middle Of The Med – Wavelength

In 60AD a ship set off from Crete, sailing across the Mediterranean sea bound for Rome, with a crew of three hundred onboard, including Paul the apostle. Two weeks into the journey fierce winds blew the ship off course and the sailors feared they would soon be dashed against the rocks. As night fell they […]

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Meet the Local Basque Country Longboarders Surfing in the Vans Duct Tape Invitational | SURFER Magazine

LOGGERS OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY A LOOK AT THE UNIQUE LONGBOARDING COMMUNITY THAT’S SPROUTED ALONG THE SPANISH COAST JULY 09, 2018 BY MATTHEW B. SHAW “This isn’t really Spain or France. It’s the Basque Country. It’s the country, that was never a country that really is a country,” said world traveling master of the classic log and […]


Missão Nicarágua – Waves

  Fabiano SperottoProjeto Rekombinando desembarca nas esquerdas da Nicarágua. Dia de Aduana é sempre uma missão. Tentamos sair cedo, mas fazer o ”packing” arrumação da Kombi nos leva algum tempo. O calor agora também é um super desafio, parece que quanto mais subimos mais calor faz. Chegamos em Popoyo já era noite, e no outro […]


Paredões de Manitiba – Waves

  1 de 20   Carlos Burle. Laje de Manitiba, Saquarema (RJ). Foto: Renan Vignoli Carlos Burle. Laje de Manitiba, Saquarema (RJ). Foto: Renan Vignoli Carlos Burle. Laje de Manitiba, Saquarema (RJ). Foto: Renan Vignoli Lucas Chumbo. Laje de Manitiba, Saquarema (RJ). Foto: Renan Vignoli Lucas Chumbo. Laje de Manitiba, Saquarema (RJ). Foto: Renan Vignoli Lucas […]


Torres a Pichilemu em um Fusca – Por Gabriel Peixe

Dois surfistas locais de Torres RS Gabriel Kunzler Cardoso e seu primo Tales(@texeiratales @pexisurf83 )decidiram embarcar em uma aventura inédita e desafiadora ,saindo do litoral gaúcho com destino ao Chile em um fusca . A família Ondas do Sul fez uma entrevista exclusiva com o Gabriel para sabermos um pouco mais sobre esta aventura ,segue […]


WATCH: The Mythical Merseyside Ferry Wave – Wavelength – Europe’s Longest Running Surf Magazine

Recently a clip popped up on facebook showing the mythical Liverpool bay ferry wave, breaking down a sand bar in the river Mersey estuary. The clip, posted by the cleverly named SUP North, shows a series of waves reeling off for a couple hundred metres, through a muddy rive estuary, with Liverpool just visible in the […]


Jamie O’Brien: “I almost died at one-foot Waikiki!’ | Beach Grit

  JAMIE O’BRIEN: “I ALMOST DIED AT ONE-FOOT WAIKIKI!’ By Derek Rielly 8 hours ago “Death is always just a stone’s throw away,” says Jamie. Who knows when the reaper will strike? He lurks, as you must be aware by now, around every corner. A moment’s distraction crossing the road meets a driver answering an email. A […]

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Sharkbanz Releases New Testing Data and Video Footage – SURFER Magazine

Sharkbanz (Mano LLC), the affordable, wearable shark deterrent has released new testing data and video footage demonstrating the effectiveness of the band in deterring Bull Sharks — the greatest shark threat to beachgoers globally. The Sharkbanz team performed this video documented test in the Bahamas using a baited dummy amongst 5-15 Bull Sharks to create […]