Malibu, o templo sagrado – Waves

  Kemel Addas Neto Vista aérea de Malibu: os templos sagrados não necessariamente precisam ter ondas alucinantes, mas serem o epicentro da cultura surfe. Quando chamo uma praia como Malibu de templo sagrado, sempre tem alguém que imediatamente já comenta que existem outros picos com ondas melhores. O fato é que algumas pessoas confundem templo […]


I Met Two Strangers in Nicaragua and It Made Me Want to Never Come Home

“Sometimes you just have to pick up and go. That’s what this film is about; going somewhere you’ve never gone before. Or maybe it’s just going back to your roots.” Sometimes you just have to pick up and go. That’s what this film is about; going somewhere you’ve never gone before. Or maybe just going back to […]


India: The Rise Of A Surf Culture

For decades, India went unnoticed. For years, the collective surfing world dissected every little corner of the Indo-Asian maritime zone, with well-documented forays throughout Indonesia in the ’70s, and Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the 90s. But until around the year 2000, the vast subcontinent with ample exposure to the Indian Ocean to the south, […]


A força do Piauí – Waves

  As recentes ondulações de norte que atingiram parte das regiões Norte e Nordeste do Brasil proporcionaram momentos de muita perfeição no Piauí. Na Ilha dos Poldros, o fotógrafo Jhose Silva registrou ondas selvagens e com muita força. “Fomos agraciados com um grande swell de norte extremamente forte, com vento perfeito pela manhã”, conta Jhose, […]


My Wife and I Left Our Life in California to Bring Our Children Around the World; Here’s Why

  If you’re looking for a change in your life, make it. Photo: @thedanziglife In August of 2017, my wife and I decided to quit our corporate jobs, sell most of our stuff, and take our then two and a half-year-old and five-month-old sons on a trip around the world. Oh, and our dog too. Can’t forget […]


Somewhere in the Netherlands Waves Wrap in a Semicircle Once Every 10 Years

This might be the novelty wave to end all novelty waves. The surf’s far from world class. But what the North Sea lacks in surf this little spot makes up for in novelty. Recently, the boys behind Blue Magazine in Germany found themselves in the Netherlands chasing a once-every-ten-years spot where waves literally wrap around a semi-circular harbor wall. […]