Europe’s Largest Wooden Surfboard Meet Up Is Returning To Spain This Summer


Last year saw the first ever European surfboard meet go down in Cantabria, Northern Spain and after an amazing response, it’s gearing up for its second incarnation, due to take place from the 24th – 25th August.

The event sees wooden board builders from around Europe gather, show off their handy work, talk materials, construction methods and try out each other’s sticks. Sergi, the event’s organiser and a passionate eco-board builder,  decided to hold the event after attending a similar meet in Australia and being blown away by the creativity on display.

“The vibe and enthusiasm that reigned at the beach park were unforgettable” he said of las years event “with 28 wooden builders from 11 countries and 80 eco surfboards on display.

In every corner there were animated discussions about materials, methods of construction, carpentry tricks and new ideas… It was all about love, passion and commitment. The Wooden Meet is the perfect demonstration that things can be done in a much responsible and greener way.

If the surfboard manufacturing industry does not follow it is not due to lack of alternatives!”

After word got around regarding the success of this maiden event, Sergi was flooded with emails from wooden surfboard craftsmen from all around Europe asking how they could get involved and plans for a second edition began to take hold. “It was easy.” he said “You just need to call each other and meet somewhere to spend some quality time together.”

The gathering hopes to dispel the skepticism often expressed within the surfing fraternity at the use of less conventional (but more eco friendly) materials and methods of construction. With constant progression, facilitated in large part by get togethers like this, wooden boards are getting lighter, more high performance and more viable all the time and the participants hope the more the word gets out, the more people will be keen to pick up a wooden stick and try one for themselves.

Source: Europe’s Largest Wooden Surfboard Meet Up Is Returning To Spain This Summer – Wavelength – Europe’s Longest Running Surf Magazine

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