Occy Occ-Casted with Half of the Brazilian Storm


The Inertia

“The Brazilian Storm” isn’t even a storm anymore. It’s just a fact of life on tour that there are a whole bunch of hyper-talented surfers from Brazil who, collectively, are more driven than any other nation. They win and they cheer and they surf circles around everyone. They have air game and power surfing and tube riding. Surfers from Brazil are well and truly embedded in surfing.

For the 31st episode of the Occ-Cast, Occy sat down with Italo Ferreira, Filipe Toledo, Jadson Andre, Miguel Pupo, and Yago Dora, all of whom are a threat to any surfer they come up against. Notably absent, however, is Gabriel Medina, a man who could be credited with delivering the most solid kick to the door of them all.

Source: Occy Occ-Casted with Half of the Brazilian Storm

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