A Journey Into Alternative Surfing: The Felipe Siebert Interview

  Today, the word “alternative” (as an adjective) has been so overused that we often forget what it actually means and when it deserves to be used – everything has an alternative appeal. According to the Oxford Dictionary, though, its definition falls into two main specs: ALTERNATIVE al·ter·na·tive adjective (of one or more things) available […]


20 Barrels and Hidden Slabs Up and Down the Coast of Brazil

  This is a collection of photos I’ve taken in 2018 around Rio de Janeiro. We received some good-sized swell this season with a few days where the right conditions came together for some of Brazil’s slabs and heavy beach breaks. And that’s the whole pursuit, right? Finding the best and heaviest barrels. Brazil may not […]


O perfume do meu Pai – Dia dos Pais S.A.L 2018

  Dia dos Pais S.A.L 2018 Queiramos ou não, somos a continuação de nossos pais. Herdamos qualidades, trejeitos, o semblante. E às vezes, por azar, os defeitos que mais odiávamos. Paramos o carro quadras longe do destino, só para ter certeza de não ficarmos sem vaga. Desenvolvemos manias e hábitos, até esbravejamos. A chatice, mais […]

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In The Future, Swells Will Actually Show Up When They’re Suppose To (and be as Big as Expected) | SURFER Magazine

This article originally appeared in SURFER Magazine, Volume 59, Issue 4. Subscribe here. Stop for a second and think about how amazing surf forecasting is at this moment in time. Thanks to modern technology, you can wake up, unlock your smartphone, and, while still in bed, pull up a global swell model to discover that a […]